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Their New Years Resolution

Their New Year's Resolution

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Erica wasn’t exactly looking for love, but a new friend wouldn’t be bad either. But what if there were two, and they wanted to share? She didn’t think the small community would approve. She depended on them for her business and that kept her three children clothed and fed. Erica was in a bind. 

Brent and Kent just moved to town buying one of the ranches in the area. They wanted a big family Thanksgiving with all of their brothers, sisters, and familes there to celebrate. They needed help. One look at Erica when she arrived to help them get ready, and their hearts were committed. But what about hers? 

In order to become a family, they had to overcome Erica’s fear of losing her business and the guy’s worry she would resent them if she did. A little Christmas magic and some revised goals just might do the trick.

Don't miss this magical ménage book with a release date of Friday, January 2nd, 2015


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